I am a staff physician at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.  I am cross-trained in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, and work clinically in both areas.  I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto.

I also work as a Certified Coach – to help clients take their performance and careers to the next level.  Click here if you’re interested in this.

I am the current co-lead for Wellness in the ED at St. Mike’s.  I am also the Vice-Chair of the CAEP Wellness Committee.  So currently, I’m spending a lot of time working on my wellness, and the wellness of my colleagues.  The website for the CAEP Wellness Committee has lots of resources, feel free to check it out.

Lastly, I am the past chair of C4 (the CAEP Critical Care Committee), which is Canada’s national group of combined EM-ICU people.  Drop me a line if you want to join, or email Julian Owen, who is the current chair.

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Website: http://www.saragray.org

If you are interested in the CAEP Critical Care Committee (C4) or the CAEP Wellness Committee please check out http://www.caep.ca or email me