Public speaking

Here are a few of my favourite talks:

From DasSMACC in Berlin 2017, Voices in my head, about the power of self-compassion to improve our medical practice.  Not to mention, a pretty good medical story…

From Feminem in New York 2017, Failing Better, which is about recovering from our inevitable life fails and challenges.  Or if you prefer blog posts, there’s one here, which discusses the value of having a Failure Friend.  Also one here, from Canadiem.

Want something more medical?  Here’s Resuscitative Hysterotomy for you, from the Essentials of EMcrit Conference in NY 2018.

And some recent blogs on yes, public speaking…

  1. Coaching in public speaking, aka How to crush the scariest talk of your life
  2. Gender in public speaking, aka How to deliver to an all-male audience