Last week I visited Shock Trauma at the University of Maryland.  They had a marvelous line-up of speakers at their Critical Care Symposium.  The speakers were impressive in a variety of ways: one was really funny, one had gorgeous elegant slides, all were eloquent and organized.  I love those days where you walk away inspired to do better.

I bought (yet another) book about presentation skills for the flight home (Duarte’s HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations).  I don’t know how many books I need to read before I plateau, but I still seem to be learning new tricks.  And now I am revising and re-working my upcoming talks.  In fact, I just threw one in the garbage and am starting over entirely. Self-improvement takes a lot of work!  But I’m excited about the challenge and the opportunity.

Why have a website?

This morning I went to a marvelous talk in Cape Town, by Jeff Riddell.  He made a strong argument for professional branding, encouraging all of the audience members to Google themselves, and then to consider how to optimize their on-line profile.

So today, I’ve built myself a website.  I’m not sure where it will go yet, but the starting point is interesting.  Hats off to Dr Riddell, and all of those pioneers ahead of me.