The value of disconnection

Last week was unusual.  First, my phone died.  As in, an endless bootloop of nothingness. Not resuscitatable.  Accordingly, I spent a few days feeling somewhat disconnected from the world, while waiting for my new phone to arrive.  I couldn’t make my usual phone calls.  I didn’t get any texts.  I couldn’t confirm the times for my daughter’s soccer practice, and arrived at the wrong time.  It was disconcerting at first.  It is so rare these days, to be unreachable.

And then after 48 hours with no phone, I headed off to Algonquin Park for my annual family canoe trip.  A place where even if you have a phone, it won’t work.  And you can’t charge it.  And who would want to?  Algonquin is a place of unparalleled beauty.  Of serenity.  A marvelous place to recharge my personal batteries.  And after a few days with no phone, I found I no longer missed it or needed it.

Now I’m back in the connected world, with a new phone, and unlimited high-speed internet.  But I’m barely connecting.  I left my phone in my car for several hours, and didn’t notice.  It’s a lovely sensation of freedom.  And it’s probably short-lived, but still so valuable.  I should go to Algonquin more often.  Unplugging is good for my brain.

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