Kids are the best teachers

My 7 year old daughter had a recital last week, with a big audience.  Watching her struggle with her fears around performance, and perfection and anxiety was noteworthy for me in so many ways.  She has the same struggles that so many adults have, including myself.  But she was able to talk about it, and work through it, and focus on the rewards of the event (notably the self-pride, and the ice cream).  And she was able to give a marvelous performance.  Maybe a better performance because of her drive to achieve.

I tend not to discuss my work anxieties with my kids, believing that they would not be able to relate or understand.  Clearly this is a myopic perspective that needs to change.  They would probably be able to give me excellent advice.  Including, just stay focused on the ice cream.

One thought on “Kids are the best teachers

  1. Quite reflective. Children certainly have great perspective.

    But recently, my friend’s 4 year old told her to marry her current bf, “He’s good enough”. Lol, I’d have reservations on the advice portion.


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